POPULOUS / Trim Tangle gets busy and launches 2 crowdfunding campaigns: THEREFORE & CRISIS CRUNCH

Trim Tangle (@Trimtangle) is a creative Hub located in the northern galician city of La coruña (A coruña). They’re not new as such, but just started getting their presence noticed online and not doing that on a quiet fashion. They just launched 2 crowdfunding efforts at once with 2 different teams working on each of those projects giving them all their attention.


Therefore is defined in their indiegogo site as a philosophical sandbox game with multiple endings and on which the player decisions will influence the evolution of the game creating different stories. Imagine getting beatiful pixel art, a bit of the script of Bastion and the moody ideas behind Fez and melting it together. it wouldn’t be Therefore but it would give you an idea of what Therefore is aiming to be.

Therefore will have a gameplay focus on musical puzzles, its crafting system and will feature a some sort of Rewind functionality called “memento mori” that will allow you to go back and redo actions.

Trim Tangle are asking for $64,000 on Indiegogo. You can check the campaign and its tiers and rewards here and check the trailer now:


Under this name that might cause nightmares to people who’s done crunch periods on videogames, lies a satiric and very cartoony point and click adventure. It is proposed to be an episodic one and this Indiegogo is for Part 1.

In Crisis Crunch the player leads a bunch of miscarried characters who are trying to undermine the evil corporation they work for. And by “evil” they actually mean it as it’s a demon-run corporation who’s responsible of everthing that goes wrong on Earth (think of the Demon corp from “Ugly Americans”).

The team behind this project is getting rid of inventories and is taking a character-based habilities to solve the puzzles you will face (sounds a bit like The Cave).

Trim Tangle is trying to get $24,400 for this Par 1, but their first stretch goal is to fund Part 2, so you can see they’re planning ahead and wanting to make this a full on point-and-click series. You can check the campaign here or watch the trailer:

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